What’s your favourite 2000AD story of all time? Jump On and Vote Here!

This week we’ve been asking people on our twitter (@comicsflixukus to find out more) what was your jumping on issue of 2000AD prior to the 2050 issue – which got us thinking…

Do you remember when Tharg used to ask for your three favourite stories and the one you disliked in each Prog?

Well, here at Comics Flix Towers we thought we’d do the same – then give you your top 10 just prior to the release of Prog 2050!

E mail us your top 3 all time stories, one you disliked and your age by Friday 22nd September, 10pm, to Comicsflix@gmail.com and we will present the top ten once your votes have been counted! You can also let us know via twitter (follow and private message or tweet us) or comment below to this blog.

Once you’ve voted please also share this post – and if you want feel free to canvass for your favourites with other fans. It would be great to see your election material!

It’s a great time to vote for all you 2000AD fans with a new jumping on Prog, the Hatchette 2000AD Mega Collection in shops and a Dredd TV Show potentially in the works.

So vote now – comicsflix@gmail.com


  1. The ones that were in vogue when I started I reading the comic late 80’s Starting with……… Slaine, Nemesis the Warlock, Strontium Dogs, Rogue Trooper, DR & Quinch, Judege Dredd -I AM THE LAW!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Such a close call.
    1.Slaine, The Horned God…caught me just the right time.
    2.Slaine Book Of Invasions…my god the artwork 🙂
    3. ABC Warriors Volgan War…more stunning art.


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