Review: ParAssassin


From the award winning pages of David Lloyd’s Aces Weekly, Markosia is proud to collect the revised and expanded edition of the highly acclaimed series: Parassassin. Launching world wide in October 2017.

At ComicsFlix Towers we were sent a review copy of this graphic novel by Jasper Bark, Alfa Robbi and Bolt-01.  Good clean artwork flows nicely alongside a story with twists, turns and surprises on every page.  There are obviously a few influences in the art and story from Star Wars to Back to the Future but they are welcome additions rather than jarring intrusions which move the story along at a great pace.  It’s nice to read something that feels warmly comfortable in it’s content but sits alone as a fresh piece of work, with an open opportunity to continue if successful but a satisfying end all the same.

Without spoilers here are details of the plot…

Three futures hang in the balance. Two end in total annihilation. One assassin’s bullet will decide.

On the planet Sedulon, a rogue band of renegade time travelers and scientific misfits fight to save the futures of two worlds.

Doc Hydrabus – a brilliant scientist whose body splits into a crowd of his past and future selves, he lives in one present and many futures all at the same time

Cassindra – 900 years old, impossible to kill and every bit as deadly as she is beautiful. She’s travelled back in time to change the world.

Rushaar and Shartara – alien beings made entirely of gas with one simple plan, to use time travel to assassinate the leader of Sedulon and save their planet Eidolonia.

The Parassassin – he will take the shot that decides the destinies of everyone in the galaxy.

Politics and parody collide on the bleeding edge of science fiction, in one of the most shocking and innovative thrillers you’re going to read this year.

Parassassin will be available from and Amazon UK and all good book and comic shops worldwide.


Jasper Bark – Writer

Jasper is a multiple award winning author and comic writer. He has written comics for just about everyone in the UK, from 2000AD, The Games Workshop, Titan Comics and Marvel Panini through to Viz and even The Beano. His novels include the cult classics Way of the Barefoot Zombie and The Final Cut, he also wrote the best selling children’s book The Inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci and the award winning educational graphic novel series Battle Cries. His comics have won an ‘Ashcan Award’ and an ‘Educational Reader’s Award’, and his books have won a ‘This Is Horror Award’ and a ‘Preditors and Editors Award’.

Alfa Robbi – Artist

Alfa is a front runner in the new generation of Indonesian comic artists. He is a triple whammy of Penciller, Inker and colorist by trade, he has worked as a comic artist on Voltron Force for Viz Media, Ev for Tokyopop, The Fro for Arcana, and Max Steel for Fresh Comics. He was also employed as a story board artist for Strika Entertainment, and designed a huge number of best selling T-shirts for Comics Stuff.

Bolt 01 – Letters

Bolt 01 is one of the leading letterers in UK Independent comics. He is also the publisher and editor of the fan favourite Indie Comics Futurequake, Zarjaz, and Dogbreath.

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