Give me Moore V For Vendetta, Tom Strong & Watchman

Channel 4 are apparently producing a ‘V For Vendetta’ TV series, based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore and ‘Aces Weekly’ David Lloyd. The graphic novel has already been made into a movie starring Leon and and Star Wars actress Natalie Portman. Creator Moore notoriously avoids getting involved with adaptations of his work on film and TV. A new version of The League of Gentlemen is also in the works.

This announcement comes as a number of other Moore created projects come to light. Halo Jones has just been reprinted as part of the Hatchette 2000AD Ultimate Collection and the Watchman Universe enters the DC universe in November as part of Geoff Johns Doomsday Clock series.

It’s also been announced that America’s Best Comics character Tom Strong, also created by Moore, is to enter the DC Universe too. Strong, a superhero scientist created for the Wildstorm imprint, and his family will join the Terrifics Team, featuring Plastic Man. Details are sketchy about this team up with DC’s answer to the Fantastic Four but more announcements are expected in New York this week.


  1. How the hell did they get the rights to Tom Strong? I thought that was written long after Alan started keeping hold of his characters. I can only imagine, if they do it, DC are doing it purely to piss Alan off.


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