Prisoner comic announced for 50th anniversary as Fan Art search continues

This week Titan Comics announced Pete Milligan is to write a new Prisoner comic to celebrate its 50th anniversary – just after ComicsFlix asked for your Prisoner Fan artwork here

The popular TV series has appeared in Comics from Marvel and DC before, the last being in 1988.

Milligan is also writing the new Dan Dare series. We are also asking for your Dare inspired fan art here.

Dan Dare was also featured in a short documentary on Inside Out this week – you can watch it 20 minutes in on BBC I Player

The original Dan Dare Titan reprints begin again in November as well as new Dan Dare audio adventures available from Big Finish, the first two volumes of which are available now.

At ComicsFlix Towers we love both these uniquely British comic creations and wish them every success.

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