Peter Capaldi wins Doctor Who poll as animated Shada announced!

First there was 16 Doctors, new Doctors, classic Doctors, the film Doctor and the Comic Relief Doctor.

Eventually we had a choice of four Doctors – Peter Capaldi, Peter Cushing, Matt Smith and David Tennant.

In the end, on our ComicsFlix Doctor Who twitter feed you voted Peter Capaldi as your favourite Doctor of all time with 50% of the vote. Tennant had 28% and Smith had 22% of the vote.

At ComicsFlix we think Peter Capaldi certainly made the Doctor his very own in the last series and we are looking forward to him meeting the first Doctor and regenerating into Jodie Whittaker in the forthcoming Christmas Special. Don’t forget you can also enjoy David Tennant as the Doctor again alongside Billie Piper as Rose Tyler in a new Big Finish title soon.

It’s also been announced that Tom Baker will be back in a live action / animated version of the Douglas Adam story ‘Shada’. The story had to be scrapped in 1979 due to a BBC strike – although some of the filmed scenes did eventually appear in the Five Doctors Special when Tom Baker announced he would not reprise his roll for that anniversary. Tom Baker and Lala Ward have provided the voices of their Doctor and companion Romana. Here’s a preview.

It’s also been hinted at this week that the new Doctor Who series will be 10 1 hour episodes with a new Tardis, console and sonic screwdriver. We can’t wait!

Meantime we’d like to thank Valentina Mozzo for supplying the great illustrations of Peter Capaldi. Well done Peter on being voted the best ever Doctor Who by ComicsFlix WhoTV!

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