DC Superheroes are back on Sky!

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It’s our regular TV, DVD, Blu Ray and film media round up for the week.

Firstly, so I don’t ignore streaming services all together, the new series of Riverdale comes to Netflix.  Based on the Archie comics the second season is already here, following on from the last season finale shooting of Archie’s dad.  Does that sound like the Archie you are familiar with?  No, didn’t think so.  Give it a look!

While not strictly based on the comics also check out the new series of Stranger Things, also available to view on Netflix in a couple of weeks, and catch up with the full series of Twin Peaks, which is now available to watch in it’s entirety on Sky Box Sets (among others).

The BIG news for next week is the return of superhero action on Sky One.  On Monday we have Supergirl dealing with losing boyfriend MonEl, Tuesday yet another villain threatens to destroy Central City in the Flash.  DC’s Legends of Tomorrow starts again on Wednesday followed by Green Arrow on Thursday.  This leaves you with Friday to recover – or to watch recorded movies from Sky Sci Fi, Action and Hits channels including the story of Star Wars in ‘Elstree 1976’ on Tuesday and on Wednesday ‘Star Trek Beyond’ and ‘X-Men Apocalypse’.

You could also pop down to the cinema to catch the critical acclaimed ‘BladeRunner 2049’ or ‘Kingsman:The Golden Circle). Although not strictly a comic book Gerry Anderson’s ‘Space 1999’ is available as a complete box set from next week and we’ve been enjoying some of the 70’s TV series appearances in Look In magazine this week.

You can also pick up the DVD/Blu Ray of the new Gal Gadot ‘Wonder Woman’, which is out this week. You may even enjoy her Saturday Night Live performance including her opening SNL monologue and performance as Wonder Woman here.

Other TV news is that V For Vendetta TV series is being produced by Channel 4 , the TV series ‘The Prisoner’ is being made into a comic and a sequel to Watchmen, due to become a new TV series, is coming from Geoff Jones and you can read 6 pages of it here.

Finally there has been some rather big Doctor Who news this week, that you can read here and Star Wars:The Last Jedi News too, that you can read here.

More wonders in our TV, DVD/Blu Ray and film round up next week.

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