First six issues of Atomic online – full run of Captain Scotland

The full run of Atomic, the well regarded late 80’s/early 90’s stripzine from Scotland, from issues 1-6 are now available online.  This includes the full run of Captain Scotland.  You can read more about Captain Scotland here.  You can also read how you can get involved with a new Captain Scotland short story for St Andrews Day 2017 and Scottish Book Week here.

Atomic Issue One

Highlights include the launch of Captain Scotland, Nick Winter in The Two Dimensional Horror and Panic In Year Zilch by Graham Manley.

Atomic Issue 2

Highlights include the first appearance of Captain Scotland and throughout its run Atomic wasn’t afraid to deal with issues around suicide, apartheid, homosexuality and highlighting famine and political unrest of the time.

Atomic Issue 3

Highlights include a change of art style on the Two Dimensional Horror by Missionary Man artist Garry Marshall and the first appearance of the Girl With The Flowery Trousers by John Miller.

Atomic Issue 4

Highlights include the first of a two part story by Mike Duncan and Garry Marshall entitled ‘The Godmother’, based on a short story by Damon Runyon.

Atomic Issue 5

A bumper 40 page+ 1st birthday issue with Chris Watson ‘Memphis Story 2057’, a story pencilled by Andy Macfarlane and inked by Craig Conlan called ‘The Values of Choice’ with a nod to William Shakespeare and the popular Girl With The Flowery Trousers on the cover.

Atomic Issue 6

Highlights include a fabulous Hugh Canning ‘Captain Scotland’ cover and the final instalment of Captain Scotland.

Atomic issue 7 next appeared in January 1990 – a full year since issue 6! Look out for more copies of Atomic online via ComicsFlix soon.  Here’s a wee review of what to expect…



  1. […] I went on to publish Atomic, for over 13 issues. We took Comics into the shops and collected money for our next photocopy run. Pre Internet we sold through mail order or other comic shops across the UK willing to take them. Scroll through ComicsFlix and you can reread issues that showcased some fantastic talent, some of whom are top comic creators today. Read more here. […]


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