Scream and Misty review

It’s great to see Rebellion revisiting their acquired classic comics with new stories and this Scream & Misty Halloween Special is a welcome addition to UK Comic Books.

I’m not familiar with all the characters but I particularly enjoyed being reminded of characters buried deep in my sub conscious such as Death Wish Blake Edwards and Pete’s Pocket Army. Bringing several classic characters together as a team effort is interesting but slightly frustrating as you don’t know where the story will go beyond this special .

I was prepared for a standard Thirteenth Floor story but writers obviously felt they needed to reintroduce and reboot Max of Maxwell Tower for the Internet age. Again I was also hoping to go straight into a Dracula File instalment rather than a modernising of the character. Fairly enjoyable (the Dracula story, followed closely by the Sentinels, being my favourites in the title) but, as with all the stories, you feel each reintroduction doesn’t allow the stories to breathe to their potential, leaving you slightly frustrated there isn’t another instalment next week.

In summation I suppose the idea is for any new readers or those who are familiar with both titles to want more, either by purchasing the reprints or by buying another future special. If that is the objective then Rebellion have succeeded with this rather slick package.

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