Halloween Film Flashback

Pre internet boom and pre glossy film brochures the ComicsFlix team produced weekly movie newsletters for Odeon Renfield Street (and later the Quay) and ABC/MGM cinema in Sauchiehall Street during the early to mid 90s. All cinemas were in Glasgow.

The idea was to produce a regular newsletter to promote not only big blockbusters but smaller movies with less of a marketing budget. The newsletter at Odeon continued for five years.

During that time there was a few movies that will be of interest to ComicsFlix fans and alongside our occasional series of Superheroes in Empire Magazine and our TV/DVD/Movie Round Ups we thought we’d share them with you.

As it’s Halloween here are the issues that featured the Halloween H20 reboot, Casper the Friendly Ghost and the first X Files Movie.

You can see the X Files season 11 Trailer here.

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