Gorbals Vampire article in auctioned fanzine


A rare Scottish fanzine from the 80’s has come up for auction on ebay with an indepth article about the Glasgow Gorbals Vampire.  As well as featuring artwork by Scottish comic writer Grant Morrison and articles on comic censorship, Asterix and Tarzan it also features an investigation into the infamous Gorbals Vampire.  You can bid for the this rare and collectable fanzine and article here.

The story of the child eating monster in the 1950’s was the subject of a play at the Citizens Theatre in 2016.  The zine auction will help fund a new Scottish comic art project.

A number of articles appeared about the play in 2016 and around a radio play on Radio 4 in 2010.  You can read them on Dangerous MindsBlimey, the BBC, the Daily Record, the Herald and the Evening Times .

You can also see some real Glasgow memories about the incident on You Tube.

So get your teeth into this auction and start bidding for your life.  Place your bid’s here.



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