Doomsday Clock goes bi monthly

Doomsday Clock 3 is lit this week as writer Geoff Johns announced the title is moving to a bi monthly schedule, via his twitter feed.

He said ” A HUGE HUGE thank you for your patience with @1moreGaryFrank and I. We’re shifting #DoomsdayClock to bi-monthly. I know how disappointing that is, truly. We are trying to do our best work with 32 pages an issue and going down to 20 pages a month was not an option for us.”

“We hope we’ll go back to monthly at some point, but bi-monthly is guaranteed. We’d rather tell you when it’s coming out than just be late. Again, THANK YOU to the readers and retailers and apologies. I hope we’re delivering a story that’s worth your time, money & patience!”

The original Watchman title, like most multi Part epics for DC at the time, was dogged by delays throughout its run.

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