ComicsFlix announce two great new comic titles – ComicScene UK & Atomic

ComicsFlix are to return to publishing. Today they have announced two new titles – a subscription only monthly comic magazine with a social purpose and the return of 80’s/90’s stripzine ‘Atomic’ in a one off summer special.



“ComicScene UK’ will be a SUBSCRIBER ONLY specialist full colour A4 monthly magazine with all your latest news and articles on classic comics, reprinted material and new Comics and creators. For fans and comic enthusiasts it will also be a showcase for cosplay, fandom and stripzines now and from the last 50 years. The first 48+ page issue will be available from May 1st 2018, just prior to Free Comic Book Day and monthly from August.

You can subscribe now by direct debit, online for 12 issues for price of 11 and a FREE spud gun (Spud Gun promotion available on orders made on and before 14th February), 6 issues or advance order of issue one – details here.


A limited print run magazine ‘ComicScene UK’ will give a percentage of the profits from the title to provide free kids comic workshops across the U.K.

You can subscribe today to the print edition and get 12 issues for the price of 11 and a free spud gun with your first issue – visit the ComicsFlix shop here.

Tony Foster explained, “The editor of ‘i’ newspaper once said can you imagine if the internet had been invented first and then someone had the bright idea to produce a newspaper that brought all the best bits together in one place – how revolutionary and cool that would be. That’s ‘ComicScene UK’ Magazine.”

“Like our website it will be for comic fans of all ages, covering anything from Dan Dare, 2000AD, Misty, Beano, Roy of the Rovers, Judge Dredd, Captain Britain, Tank Girl, Miracleman, Doctor Who, reprint material and more. There will be a big emphasis on news, cosplay, 50+ years of fandom, new talent and small press Comics. There will be some Europe, US & comic related coverage but the emphasis will be on the current UK comic scene and comic nostalgia.  Articles will have room to breathe and be enjoyed in the bath!”

“It promises to be a good read and a fantastic opportunity for the comic community to come together and help fund Comic Workshops to encourage kids to draw and to employ professional artists to run those workshops! We have a target to run at least 20 workshops a year.  All our auctions and published titles will contribute to that.  It would be wonderful if comic fans out there could support it by subscribing today at our online shop.


Annual subscription for the title will be £8.50 each (£102 For 12 issues including P&P). Get a 12 month subscription only £93.50 and receive a FREE spud gun (a classic comic free gift, if ordered before 14th February).  Paypal or credit card accepted.  The online shop is here.


The second title to be announced is the return of Classic 80’s/90’s ‘Atomic’. Produced in Scotland the title introduced such talents as Simon Fraser (Nikolai Dante/Doctor Who/Kingsman), Garry Marshall (Megazine/Missionary Man/Roy of the Rovers) and John Erasmus (Accident Man). After celebrating it’s 30th birthday last year the gang have agreed to come back together for a one off summer special for June 2018!

Editor Tony Foster explains, “Yes, the rumours are true. Atomic is back. ‘ComicScene UK’ is going to reprint some of our classic strips and then there will a brand spanking new summer special with Simon Fraser, Garry Marshall, John Erasmus, Tom Walbank (Torso Tales, Bluesman), David Cairns (Cughead), Michael Duncan, Andy Macfarlane, hopefully John Miller (Girl With The Flowery Trousers) and a few more who have been harder to track down. Graham Manley (Near Myths, Diceman, Judge Dredd) whose work appeared in the very first issue of Atomic has agreed to do something new for us. We also have some new talent, a few BIG surprises and are calling out for submissions.

If you want your work to appear alongside these comic professionals and you have an idea or portfolio and want to share it with us then e mail with ‘Atomic Art’ in the title before the end of February.”


The title is to become available on Wednesday 20th June.

Tony went on, “We are going to be having a few surprises before the release – an auction for the original Atomic’s on ebay, a Captain Scotland kickstarter comic, Atomic’s best bits and in the first issue of ComicScene UK.  If you order the print copy of Atomic in advance we are going to provide some extra’s for you”

21st Century ‘Atomic’ is to be 64 pages for £9.99.  You will be able to order it online at our shop soon.

If you want to be kept up to date about Atomic and further information how to order your release date issue e mail and put ‘Atomic’ in the subject heading.

To get all the latest news about the release of the new ‘ComicScene UK’ E mail with ‘Spud Gun’ and sign up for more info!

To offer contributions or ideas to ComicScene UK contact with ‘Aye Write’ in the subject heading.

If you want your work to appear in the new ‘Atomic’ and you have an idea or portfolio and want to share it with us then e mail before the end of February with ‘Atomic Art ‘ in the title.

If you want to know how to order your release date issue of ‘Atomic’ e mail and put ‘Atomic Premiere’ in the subject heading.

BOTH ‘COMICSCENE UK’ AND ‘ATOMIC’ WILL BE MADE AVILABLE IN EUROPE, US AND WORLDWIDE. Please add £2 per issue on all listed prices published above.

Any media, retail, advertising or general enquiries please contact

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