Very rare 2000AD AKA Tapes de-classified after 35 years

cover variant2 (2)

Before several books and the film ‘Futureshock’ about the Galaxy’s Greatest comic there was the 2000AD AKA Tapes!

This 28 page zine exposed the world of Tharg for the first time in October 1983. You can now own this rare magazine digitally or in print for the first time in 35 years!

It has candid and raw interviews from Brian Bolland, Dave Gibbons, Kevin O’Neill, Mick McMahon and the editorial team. It’s not clouded by faded memories as these interviews happened at the height of 2000ADs success in what is now regarded as the classic era of the comic. The stories told are enlightening, sharing many of 2000ADs secrets for the first time in print!

The book covers Judge Dredd, Slaine, Nemesis, Rogue Trooper, Camelot 3000, Powerman, Green Lantern, Batman, Doctor Who, Dan Dare and more.

Less than 300 of the original zine were printed and go for around £40 on eBay.

To celebrate today’s 41st birthday of 2000AD ‘ComicsFlix’ has joined forces with editor John McShane and digitally enhanced the original publication. You’ll get to find out several secrets about 2000AD at the height of its success, stories behind several major characters then yet to appear and how the artists and writers really felt about working in American comics.

It’s a true collectors item – with a variant colour cover for the first time ever!

You can get the original black and white 2000AD AKA Tapes for only £5 here.

You can get the colour variant cover 2000AD AKA Tapes for only £5 here

You can order a print version of the B&W or colour variant cover of the 2000AD AKA Tapes online at our shop..

At the shop we also have subscriptions of our new ComicScene UK magazine, due out in May, which will feature plenty of 2000AD and Judge Dredd news.

Access the shop here.  You get 10% off with your first order.

Highlights include

  • Creators rights
  • The story behind the first collected stories of 2000AD
  • 2000AD and Dan Dare
  • The Launch of the new Eagle
  • Plans for an older 2000AD at the time – Zarjaz!
  • Starlord, Warrior and working for Tharg
  • The story of Slaine before he appeared
  • Putting together a 2000AD annual and the comic
  • Pat Mills writing style!  TB Grover!  Massimo Belardinelli and the out of control scarf
  • Judge Dredd film rights
  • Strontium Dog
  • Mick McMahon and how he got to draw Dredd
  • Kev O Neill – from  Monster Fun to 2000AD
  • Violence in comics
  • The humour of 2000AD
  • Drawing Nemesis
  • Working with Gerry Anderson and in the movies
  • Slagging off DC Comics
  • Why has Dredd got big feet, Mick?
  • The return of ABC Warriors
  • Grobbendonk
  • Working for DC Thomson
  • The art of drawing comics by Brian Bolland and Dave Gibbons
  • Oz and the pornographic Rupert Bear
  • The Big E
  • Brian Bolland on Powerman
  • Camelot 3000
  • Dave Gibbons on Doctor Who
  • Judge Death Lives and drawing Judge Dredd
  • Re-writing Rogue Trooper
  • Beginning to work for Marvel and DC from a UK perspective
  • and more…

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