ComicScene UK writers 5: David Hathaway-Price on fandom


Ex-art teacher, ex-portrait photographer retoucher. David now spends his days chained to a flatbed scanner, surrounded by four rescue hounds, and piles of yellowing fanzines; engaged in a sometimes desperate attempt to preserve these pieces of history in digital form, for future generations to enjoy. He really hopes that ‘Fanzine Archivist’ sounds more impressive than ‘Photoshop monkey’.

With the blessing of zine editors, the archive has been running for over three years now, with more issues being added all the time. The success of the site led directly to the publication of ‘FANSCENE’, which is a free 328 page celebration of over fifty years of fandom in Ireland and the U.K., jam packed with contributions from comics fans and professionals.

FANSCENE has been quite well received, and will be followed later this year, with a
second issue, celebrating 50 years since the very first Comics convention in the U.K,
which was held in Birmingham.

The FANSCENE section of ComicScene UK will cover a broad range of subjects, talking about the history of the fandom, the fanzines themselves, and the writers / artists who contributed to them.

David is also working on two comics of his own which he hopes to self-publish this year. ‘Alice & Hugo’ chronicles the adventures of an anthropomorphic rabbit and his pet human (though Alice may well have something to say about that description). ‘Enchanted by theWood’ is a futuristic fairy tale, set in… Well, that would be telling wouldn’t it.

If you would like to contribute scans / fanzines to the archive, or an article / artwork to the Comicon FANSCENE special, please contact him at

David has written this bio in the third person, in a possibly futile attempt to make himself sound more like a writer.

Subscribe to ComicScene UK here.

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