ComicScene Writers 6: Fred McNamara and Thunderbirds are go…

FredMacPic! (1).JPG

We have a top team of writers for ‘ComicScene UK’ and we’d like introduce them to you.  Next up is Fred McNamara.

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Fred can often be found scribbling away at a variety of articles that try to make sense of the popular culture properties he’s spent his life obsessed with. Sometimes he even submits these articles to magazines and websites, including Starburst Magazine, PopMatters, Andersonic and more. He’s also the senior editor for the superhero/comic book website A Place To Hang Your Cape. Well, his role is that of a senior editor, but his actual title is Official Sidekick. He can only imagine the editor-in-chief had some undesirable experience with bootleg editors. He’s also writing a book, Spectrum is Indestructible, a celebration of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, which will be published by Chinbeard Books later this year. That is, if he manages to survive writing the damn thing.

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