Forget Judgement on Gotham – here are your views on ComicScene UK Issue 0!


7 days since we officially launched ComicScene UK. 

We’ve been to Edinburgh, Leamington and Portsmouth ComicCons, launched digitally and online, become available in 30 stores across the UK, been part of Comic Book Day and delivered copies as far as Australia! 

Issue 0 is available to purchase now.

We love the magazine but it is important to us what you think.  Here are just some of your comments;

Great stuff.

Support the British comic scene and get an issue of what looks like the coolest magazine around.

Great launch issue, ! Love it!

Issue arrived today guys – loving the format size and glossy feel – well worth the money and looking forward to issue 1 in August.

I am enjoying this launch issue of a brand new comics magazine from – It is well worth a read!

This evening’s reading courtesy of – looking forward to diving in.

Current reading is the new Comic Scene, a UK comic magazine.

The impressive new UK magazine Comic Scene launches today! Seek it in your local or subscribe online

Ahhhh that fresh out of the box magazine smell. Brand new magazine about British comics. Looking forward to reading it.

Good old FP
A day early.
Judge Dredd
Dan Dare
Doctor Who
Pat Mills not holding back
Loads of other cool stuff.
Aye this is the game!

I’ve been enjoying it. Particularly enjoying the History of Toxic! and look forward to further opinion pieces by Pat Mills. Also, it arrived VERY quickly indeed!

Launch issue of Comic Scene has arrived on my desk. Can’t wait to get stuck in! Thanks for the Beano shout out

Got mine today, it’s fantastic. Reminds me of the late, lamented ‘Crikey!’ Oh, I think you’ll love it! I’ve been waiting for something to fill the void it left, and Comic Scene certainly does that! 🙂

It looks better than some of the magazines you see in WHSmith’s – it’s a visual feast!  I’m not having a pop at Crikey (which I read and enjoyed, even allowing for the error plagued early issues) but this magazine is superior to it in many ways. I’d recommend trying it out. (Right.  That’s it.  I’m sending the boys ’round – Tony Ingram, Crikey!

Hey, enjoyed the look back on Shiver & Shake in Completely agree about Scream Inn being a real highlight.

Really enjoyed the ‘Hatch Match Dispatch: Valiant and Lion’article in Valiant in particular was a favourite back then.
Excited about reading the first issue of
Got my copy yesterday – big thumbs up from me! Enjoyed the Deadline article, great days.
Buy this magazine, it’s a beaut! I’m half way through it and loving it.
Received my copy yesterday while I was out at a Dr Who Event – The Capitol.  Have started reading while eating breakfast.  Very impressed!!

It’s been a long time since the likes of Fantasy Advertiser, Speakeasy, Escape, Comics International or Comics World/Heroes were staples of British comics reviews/journalism but finally there’s a new young turk on the scene to carry on their legacy:

Received issue zero of comicscene today. While not all stories are for me there is something for everyone. I enjoyed the shiver & shake piece as I love the IPC funnies and hope to finish a few more runs. Best mag since Comics International.

Yet to break into the magazine, but there seems to be a lot to get through.

…and, now I’m nicely settled, a tasty bit of reading on a Saturday night, while I’m waiting for me pizza.

…shiny and well written pages…

Comic Scene from issue 1 has landed and I am impressed. It’s excellent quality, informative, bright and bang on with it’s mix of writers. John Wagner etc… UK comics past, present & future. Buy it now!

Nothing quite like the weekly arrival of Cheers and – these two are busting with the good stuff.

Oh boy! The launch issue of arrived today. Excited to sit down and read this lovely thing.

This week sees the launch of ‘ Comic Scene ‘ a new magazine about the last fifty years of British comics.  If you’ve ever enjoyed a comic or comic-book, graphic novel, at any time in your life…even if it was thirty years ago, you’ll love this.

People of & surrounding areas! You can pick up your copy of the excellent magazine this weekend!! It’s well worth a purchase. They’ve featured yours truly in there too.

Love it!!

Just signed up for a 6 month subscription to the British Comics Magazine, .

Issue 1 features an interview with , and myself about , so make sure you get your copy and support this new comics-focussed magazine.

If you haven’t seen Comic Scene yet, check it out. It’s a mag worth supporting.

It’s very, very good.

Downloaded my copy (of ComicScene UK) yesterday.  Looks quality. Great effort.

It’s brilliant.  I picked up a physical copy (of ComicScene UK) on the Awesome Comics Talk stand at Leamington Comic Con on Saturday.  I’ll be definitely getting a subscription. Great Tank Girl article btw.

I got Comic Scene UK #0 today and it looks great! Welcome to France! Thanks

Hour to wait for the bus. No worries when I’ve got to read.

Looks Cracking!

Picked mine up from Nostalgia & Comics in Brum. It was a good read, look forward to loads more stuff on British comics.

Just a quick shout out to the #comicscene guys for putting out a product that I for one have been crying out for.

Articles about #comicbooks, the industry & the medium, by people who love them.

All in all a great looking mag.

Really enjoying it so far.

Just read the Prisoner as a result of reading the article about it.

Love the Deadline article.  Great days!

Great to see printed copies & shout out to the broader #comicbooknerd community. If you want to see more of this, give these guys some support!  I’m giving them the big thumbs up.

I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the magazine and it’s weight. This isn’t some flimsy fanzine, it’s a well produced, glossy magazine that would easily fit amongst the shelves of a WH Smith next to the likes of SFX and other such genre fayre.   Good luck Comic Scene, you’ve smashed it with the first issue, I really hope the standard continues and that we’ll be reviewing it in ten years times.

Some Media Coverage can be found here.

Here is how to get your copy of ComicScene UK

How to get ComicScene UK issue 0 and pre order issue 1 –
30 stores across the U.K.
Digital £2.99 at
Mail and enhanced subscription offers at

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