7th Doctor ComicScene UK Review

Titan Comics seem to have considered carefully this Doctor Who package – 64 pages on heavy stock paper oozing a quality product even before you read through the pages.

‘Operation Volcano’ by Andrew Cartmel, Christopher Jones, Marco Lesko, Ben Aaronovitch, Richard Starkings and Jimmy Betancroft is epic in scale. Travelling between two time zones the story has the right balance of action and intrigue that is classic Who, with an air of mystery thrown in.

If Doctor Who is about the companion then Ace proves she was the template for the modern, streetwise and brave sidekick to the ‘Professor’. She comes across as the true star here with ‘more than meets the eye’ revelations expected to unfold in later chapters. This isn’t, however, at the expense of the many supporting characters who are all well written and people you care about in such a short space of time. All over tea and G&T, of course!

It’s a movie of a comic, an event of grand proportions, and one to pick up over the next three months.

If the main event has a sense of scale the back up story, ‘Hill of Beans’, by Richard Dinnick, Jessica Martin and Charlie Kirchoff has a pulp fiction feel. It harks back to the TV series itself with a script that wouldn’t have felt out of place in the 80’s. In that respect it’s nice to remember the programme as it was with the modern edge it has now.

Buy this comic – featured at length in ComicScene UK Issue 0 and edited by our writer John Freeman!


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