ComicScene UK Issue 1 Content reveal


The contents of the first monthly issue of ComicScene UK have been revealed.

It has 16 more pages than the launch issue 0 for only £5.99.  The 80 pages includes a free pull out supplement of an exclusive chapter from Pat Mills new book on Slaine.  You can win a Kindle Fire with Comichaus, there are two fantastic free posters of Wonder Woman and Slaine and it is a special issue on classic girls comics, women creators and female characters.  25 years of Vertigo and 50 years of ComicCons are also celebrated.  Full contents can be found below.

You can order your copies now or subscribe in print or digital pdf at

Enhanced digital editions can be purchased for £3.99 at from 1st August

Copies can also be purchased and ordered at Forbidden Planet, Gosh Comics, OK Comics, Gnash Comics, First Age Comics and picked up at the Cartoon Museum London. 

  • Why Doesn’t Someone Bring Back Eagle? by John Freeman
  • Professor Peabody from Dan Dare by Richard Sheaf
  • Unhidden Genders by Steve Tanner
  • Vertigo at 25 by Luke Williams
  • Karen Berger Interview by Joel Meadows
  • Emma Beeby Mata Hari by Karl Stock
  • Angels by Fred McNamara
  • The Vigilant by Stephen Jewell
  • Octobriana by Tim Hayes
  • Minnie the Mix by Martin Dallard
  • 40 years of Misty by Dr Julia Round
  • Untold History of Toxic Part 2 by John McShane
  • Supercats by Olivia Hicks (2000AD Sci Fi Special)
  • Whakoman
  • Slaine free 8 page supplement by Pat Mills
  • Cat Girl by Martin Dallard
  • Doctor Who companions by Ian Wheeler
  • Behind the scenes of the 2000AD Sci Fi Special by Richard Bruton
  • Judge Anderson by Chris McAuley
  • Fay Dalton by Chris McAuley
  • Liam Sharp on Wonder Woman by Stephen Jewell
  • Susie Gander by Tony Esmond
  • Sarah Laing by Stephen Jewell
  • Rachael Smith interview Part 1 by Richard Bruton
  • Captain Scotland
  • Kids from Rec Road by Peter Doree
  • Marie Duval by Richard Sheaf
  • Velda by Olivia Hicks
  • Bella at the Bar by Chris McAuley
  • Yvonne Hutton on Roy of the Rovers by Richard Sheaf
  • 50 years of ComicCon by Richard Bruton
  • Pat Mills Last Word on the Death of the Pink Plastic Princess – Girls Comics revisited.

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