ComicScene UK Review – Wendigo Wood


The latest from Joseph Oliveira’s Afterlight Comics, and one that firmly sets it’s stall out from the opening page: dark, moody, and with an underlying sense of threat. The pitch is pure direct to DVD stuff – a retired war veteran searching for his missing daughter leads him to a forest encounter with the wendigo of urban legend – but the storytelling has a creeping pacing that elevates it above quick buck schlock horror.  Oliveira paces the story well – the introduction of lead character Hank is especially well done, and Vukasin Ivkovic’s atmospheric artwork make an initial highway encounter is genuinely unsettling. But for all of that it’s the final pages that really delve into the realms of the disturbing and make the second issue of this four-issue series a must buy. This is a horror comic. It should be horrific. And it is.

Steve Tanner

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