ComicScene and Film Stories join forces for double pack of entertainment


ComicScene Magazine has joined forces with Film Stories to bring you a 180 page double pack of comic and film entertainment.

Film Stories is a new magazine produced by Den of Geek creator Simon Brew.  ComicScene was launched by Tony Foster last year, following a similar subscription model to Film Stories, but launched monthly on newsagent shelves in February.

Both Film Stories and ComicScene celebrate independent creators as well as classic and new material in their respective fields of film and comics.  Film Stories does not tend to feature comic or superhero movies, whereas ComicScene does in it’s own comic inspired TV and Film section, with a look at the Batman movies and Shazam in Issue 2.

Tony Foster explains, “Film Stories and ComicScene launched roughly at the same time.  We both not only run a magazine in print and digital but have news websites and Podcasts.  Behind the scenes we have been very supportive of each other, as well as sharing that we are both out there on our social media channels.  We think that’s important, mainly because we care about making people aware of the creators and the work they do.  Supporting any platform that does that is our focus.  Despite being clearly independent of each other we understand working together and offering readers an opportunity to buy both magazines in one package is an ideal way to make people more aware of what we are doing.  Both magazines compliment each other perfectly and we hope it’s a solid and enjoyable package for the reader.”

You can buy ComicScene Issue 2 and Film Stories Issue 4 together at the new ComicScene online shop for only £9.99.  That’s the place to order or subscribe to back and current issues of ComicScene and this trial multipack of ComicScene and Film Stories.  If you register on the site you can also order comics too!  If you wish to order Film Stories only check out their site at

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