ComicScene Magazine Avengers Endgame Review

A satisfying and stunning three hour movie to conclude ten years of the Marvel Comics Universe.

There was a real sense of an ‘event’ movie, from the moment we booked the tickets, to the queue leading into the cinema and with no seat left empty in the house.

Parents who had taken their kids to see ten years of movies were now sitting next to grown up teens. The audience was mixed, similar to audiences who had made Titanic one of the biggest selling movies all time. This was gonna be huge!

The film is so captivating three hours seem to pass in the time it takes to click your fingers. You are captured from start to finish. There was a great mix of action, humour, drama, emotion, moments that give you goosebumps, movie references, self depreciation and stand out jaw dropping movie moments to keep us all happy!

The MCU movies have captured comics perfectly, of that there is no doubt. In some ways the filmmakers took the attitude of Blade and the perfection of Superman the Movie and mixed it up into a series of genuine hit making movies. In doing that they also helped the comics industry thrive for at least another ten years, for that we all can be thankful. What an achievement.

Avengers Endgame is a true popcorn movie. Go see it, even if you haven’t seen any of the previous movies. Then pick up a comic and enjoy the influences that made this and today’s modern cinema.

(Phew, a no spoiler review. Except Thanos eats mangos apparently!)

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