Comics in ComicScene this summer

ComicScene is opening the doors to some comic strips from the best in web, small press and independent titles this summer.

We will continue strips from Mr Jimer, Ed Doyle and Alan Holloway plus Whackoman! from Marc Jackson and Our Land by Fitch, Baker and Totti. Marc Jackson will also be sharing some pages from web title Goof! too.

In Issue 4 we will have an exclusive look at the first part of Simon Furman and Geoff Senior’s To The Death comic, as part of a 16 page pull out supplement.

In Issue 5, our June issue, we are very excited to bring you the complete Captain Cosmic by Andy W Clift.

Steve Tanner presents Lady Flintlock in three parts from the June issue with artist Anthony Summey and there is more travels through time and alien adventures in the first book of Milford Green, Prettiest Village in the British Empire 1887, by Samuel George London and Mikael Hankonen.

This is a series of summer specials. More picture strip news when we have it but if you are interested in your web, small press or indie comic being considered for future issues of ComicScene please send submissions to

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