ComicScene 2000AD Villains Special Review


The dastardly and the iniquitous took over 2000 AD on the 1st May – the 32-page US-format 2000 AD Villains Takeover special sees the baddies from some of the 2000 AD’s biggest strips, including Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, and Sláine, get their moment in the spotlight!

Behind a fabulous Greg Staples cover we have one of the best 2000AD specials in a long while.


The Judge Who Laughs sees Judge Death in therapy – I kid you not.  A wry take on the Batman Who Laughs series perhaps which features a character who looks remarkably like our very own Judge Death.


As a terrible war between the Nort and Souther armies raged on the ravaged world of Nu Earth, two unscrupulous men on either side found each other and decided to team up in order to make a fortune. Mr Brass and Mr Bland became professional body looters, scavenging the battlefield for profit. These two eventually meet their match with Rogue Trooper but this strip proves there is mileage in these two rogues back story.


The Lord Weird Slough Feg from the pages of Slaine gets an outing as does Stix from Strontium Dog Johnny Alpha and both stories not only feature strong characters and supporting characters established over many years the stories are particularly fresh and exciting to read too.


The Villains Special is all wrapped up with a one-off tales from beyond the shadowy veil of sanity.  With the right mix of villainy, horror, humour, great art and price (ye gods, only 99p!) this rather attractive package is worth your galactic groats.  It would be criminal to miss it!


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