Commando Comics all at sea

5223Pirates in disguise on the cold seas, airmen trapped in a secret U-boat den, a despatchrunner behind enemy lines in World War One and a day of doom for one British naval lieutenant! All in brand new issues 5223 – 5226, out Thursday 2nd May

5223: Home of Heroes: Guardians of the War Grave
Vicente Alcazar makes a triumphant return to Commando after a too-long hiatus! And we’re extremely glad he came back to lend his unique, gritty style to Dominic Teague’s epic tale of pirates and privateers in the cold North Atlantic and beyond! With an ominous and mysterious cover by Neil Roberts, the story of Guardians of the War Grave just might surprise you!
| Story | Dominic Teague | Art | Vicente Alcazar | Cover | Neil Roberts |

52245224: Gold Collection: Cave of Secrets
We’ve got double the Jeff Bevan for this run of Commandos, kicking it off with the never
before reprinted classic, ‘Cave of Secrets’! An exciting story about three airmen who crash- land on a mystery island that just happens to have a big U-boat shaped secret! You won’t believe the capers these airmen get into to survive – including floating a depth charge on a dinghy!
| Story | Watson | Art | Watson | Cover | Jeff Bevan |
Originally Commando No. 930 (1975).


5225: Action and Adventure: Mud and Mayhem
There’s nothing but mud and mayhem in the trenches of George Low’s story, and poor
Private Ned Nolan just can’t seem to catch a break! As if running across the war-torn
hellscape of the First World War front line wasn’t bad enough, Ned’s luck is about to get
worse when he gets blown off his aching feet and straight into a crater face to face with a
| Story | George Low | Art | Paolo Ongaro | Cover | Graeme Neil Reid |

5226.jpg5226: Silver Collection: Day of Doom
‘Day of Doom’ is the second half of the Jeff Bevan double feature in this Commando run!
Based on the interior image on page 16, Bevan’s stunning wraparound cover is bright and magnificent, and really depicts the feeling of CG Walker’s doom-laden story about
Lieutenant Peter Cobb, a man whose luck just keeps getting worse. And that’s not even
mentioning Cobb’s run-in with a Greek obsessed with his old gun!
| Story | CG Walker | Art | Peter Foster| Cover | Jeff Bevan |
Originally Commando No. 2666 (1993).

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