Hibernia present early Kevin O’Neill work



Hibernia is proud to announce that it has teamed up with the Treasury of British Comics to publish ‘Cosmic Comics’

Cosmic Comics is a collection of legendary comic creator Kevin O’Neill’s formative work on such titles as 2000 AD, Lion, Tornado, and Starlord.

Bringing together strips as diverse as his humour strips like Captain Klep and Dash Decent, and Future shocks, to his amazing painted  Sci Fi covers from The 2000 AD Sci Fi specials and Starlord, as well as illustrated text stories and more.

This showcases the development of his artwork from art editor of 2000 AD to being the co-creator of Nemisis the Warlock, Metalzoic and the League of Eaxraordinary Gentlemen.

This 66 page perfect bound collection is ONLY available on Comicsy , and like all of Hibernia’s collection this is sure to sell out fast, so get it while you can!

Get ithere.

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