ComicScene – one year review in words and pictures…

We launched ComicScene a year ago – we are about to launch our tenth issue. We thought it would be fun to list all our contents so far, with pictures of some of the comics we featured.

If you order 5 comics at, including ComicScene monthly, you will get 10 per cent off your comics and be sent a ComicScene ‘Ultimate Digi Pack’ , worth £20 , absolutely FREE. It includes the first six issues of ComicScene Volume 1, the ComicScene Annual, Crikey Collected Volume 1 and the AKA Tapes featuring 2000AD. Over 1000 pages of material free in digital for your phone, tablet or desktop.

Volume 1, Issue 0

The Launch Issue – 64 pages

Ravings From Inside The Comic Book Industry – John Freeman

The Many Faces of Dan Dare by Richard Sheaf – Check our Titan Books Complete Collection Venus Campaign

How Comic Books Help Us To Relive Our Childhood by Benoit Peters.

The Prisoner by Stephen Jewell – graphic novel available now from Titan.

OK Computer Online Comics v Print by Luke Williams.

Thunderbirds Talons of the Eagle by Fred McNamara.

Rufus Dayglo Art Collection.

Shiver and Shake First Issue by Martin Dallard.

Hatch Match and Dispatch Valiant and Lion by David Moloney.

Whackoman by Marc Jackson.

The Growth of Cosplay by Louise Saul.

How we created Rok of the Reds by John Wagner.

The Cartmel Factor by Ian Wheeler.

2000AD Free Comic Book Day by Richard Bruton.

Batman and the Mask of the Phantasm at Twenty Five by Tim Hayes.

Captain Scotland @JoseRodMota and @marshcaps

Toxic the Secret History Part One by John McShane.

That Whoosing Noise: 30 Years of Deadline by Tim Pilcher

A Beginners Guide To Tank Girl by Chris McAulay

Remembering Steve Dillon by Joel Meadows.

Batman v Dredd by Karl Stock.

A Look at the Creator of Wolf Rachael Ball by Tony Esmond.

Flintlock by Steve Tanner.

Unicorn The First Colour Cover on a U.K. Comics Fanzine by David Hathaway Price.

Apollo by Stephen Jewell.

Collecting Roy of the Rovers by Richard Sheaf.

The Last Word Should Characters Die With Their Creators?

ComicScene Volume 1, Issue 1

The Women Issue – 80 pages

Why Doesn’t Someone Bring Back Eagle? By John Freeman.

Marie Duval by Richard Sheaf.

Professor Jocelyn Mabel Peabody by Richard Sheaf.

The Rise of Female Comic Book Fans by Steve Tanner.

Vertigo at 25 by Luke Williams.

The Karen Berger Interview by Joel Meadows.

Mata Hari by Karl Stock.

Wing To Wing, Into the Scene by Fred McNamara.

The Vigilant by Stephen Jewell.

The Beast From The East Octobriana by Tim Hayes.

Minnie the Minx by Martin Dallard.

Misty by Julia Round.

Valda by Olivia Hicks.

Cat Girl by Martin Dallard.

Whackoman! By Marc Jackson.

Captain Scotland by Valentina Mozzo.

Rufus Dayglo Art Gallery Tank Girl.

Slaine Chariots of Fire by Pat Mills.

The Kids From Rec Road by Pete Doree.

Supercats by Olivia Hicks.

Bella at the Bar by Chris McAulay.

Behind Every Great Man Doctor Who Companions by Ian Wheeler.

The Secret History if Toxic Part 2 by John McShane.

2000AD Sci Fi Special by Richard Bruton.

Deja Who? By Mr Jimer

Judge Anderson by Chris McAulay.

The Sensational Fay Dalton by Chris McAulay.

Wonder Woman by Stephen Jewell.

50 Years of ComicCons by Richard Bruton.

Mansfield and Me Sarah Laing by Stephen Jewell.

An Interview with Susie Gander by Tony Esmond.

An Interview with Rachael Smith Part One by Richard Bruton.

Yvonne Hutton and Roy of the Rovers by Richard Sheaf.

Pat Mills Death of The Plastic Princess.

ComicScene Volume 1, Issue 2

The Humour Issue 64 pages

Game For A Laugh by John Freeman.

Top 10 Best British Comedy Comics.

Big Dave by Luke Williams.

Deja Who by Mr Jimer.

Rufus Dayglo Art Gallery Leo Baxendale.

The Beano at 80 by Professor Christopher Murray.

Emily McGorman-Bruce Interview by Steve Tanner.

The Broons and Oor Willie by Kirsten Murray.

Goof! By Marc Jackson.

Splank! By Peter Duncan.

The Phoenix by Richard Bruton.

Whackoman! By Marc Jackson.

The Funny Side of Doctor Who by Ian Wheeler.

Hatch, Match and Dispatch Buster with Whizzer and Chips by David Moloney.

Cheeky Weekly by Pete Doree.

Oink by David Crookes.

The Bojeffries Saga by Chris McAulay.

Asterix by Fred McNamara.

An Interview with Rachael Smith Part 2 by Richard Bruton.

A Reflection on the Funnies by Dr Nicola Streeten.

Electric Soup An Interview with Frank Quitely by Joel Meadows.

The Beatles Yellow Submarine by Stephen Jewell.

Jack Staff by Tim Hayes.

Sniper Elite Resistance by Stephen Jewell.

Wow Retracted by David Robertson.

The Power of Ken Reid by Irmantas Povilaika.

Par Mills The Last Word Percy Puffer Really Blows My Mind.

ComicScene Volume One, Issue 3

The War Issue 72 pages

How to Spot a Fake by Colin Noble.

Fury by Richard Sheaf.

Rufus Dayglo Art Gallery Battle Picture Library.

Commando by Colin Noble & DC Thomson

Rogue Trooper by Luke Williams.

The Happy Warrior by Richard Sheaf.

Giles War by Richard Bruton.

Jacques Tardi the Disasters of War by Tim Hayes.

James Bond Origin Story by Stephen Jewell.

The Rat Pack by Colin Noble.

Black Max by Stephen Jewell.

Invasion by Colin Noble.

Charley’s War by Richard Sheaf.

Third World War by Luke Williams.

The Doctor Goes To War by Ian Wheeler.

El Mestizo by Julius Howe

True War by Richard Sheaf.

Stan Lee by Robert Menzies.

Whackoman! by Marc Jackson.

Finding Albert By Cole Henley.

Roy of the Rovers by Stephen Jewell.

Gold Lion Comics by Drew Marr.

Deja Who by Mr Jimer

Killtopia by John McShane.

Indie Comics including John Laight on Away, Follow Me In, 32 Kills, The Needle Man, The Edge Off, Kristyna Baczynski on Retrograde Orbit, The Water Spirit and Red Rocket Comic.

Pat Mills on Charley’s War.

ComicScene Volume One, Issue 4

The Magic and Horror Issue 80 pages

Carlos Ezquerra A Tribute by Colin Noble.

John Armstrong by Pat Mills.

13th Doctor by Stephen Jewell.

Scream by Phillip Vaughan.

Horror Hosts in British Girls Comics by Julia Round.

Gothic Art of Eric Bradbury by Phillip Vaughan.

Sandman Simon Spurrier by Stephen Jewell.

Books of Magic by Luke Williams.

Shades of Magic by Stephen Jewell.

The Magic Order by Joel Meadows.

NightShift by Tim Hayes.

Crossed by Luke Williams.

Fiends of the Eastern Front by Stephen Jewell.

Misty and Scream by Stephen Jewell.

Dracula at Marvel U.K. by Peter Gouldson.

Whackoman! By Marc Jackson.

From Hell by Peter Gouldson.

Doctor Who Monster Mash & Interview with John Ridgeway by Ian Wheeler.

Jonathan Maberry by Leah Crowley.

Hammer Time by Sean Egan.

Realm of the Damned By Joel Meadows.

San Diego ComicCon, The Waking Dead, Daredevil and Constantine City of Demons by Joel Meadows

James Bond 007 by Stephen Jewell.

Licensed to Thrill by John Freeman.

Vintage British Comics by Phil’s Comics.

Indie Comics including Conspiracy of Ravens, Devil in Disguise, Close, Lip Hook, Tumult, Kingdom, Mandy the Monster Hunter, The Bog Road and Fearscape.

Mazeworld by Stephen Jewell.

Cindy and Biscuit by Richard Bruton.

Pat Mills Last Word Tales of Wonder.

ComicScene Volume 2 Issue 0

Newsstand Launch Issue, 72 pages

Remembering Stan Lee by Chris Hallam.

looking Forward, Looking Back… by John Freeman.

ComicScene Christmas Comics by Richard Bruton.

That Old Fake News by John McShane.

Whackoman! By Marc Jackson.

Lucky 13 by Ian Wheeler.

40 years of StarLord by Karl Stock.

40 years of Starblazer by Colin Noble.

40 years of Star Wars Weekly by Mark Newbold.

Christmas is for Annuals by Barrie Tomlinson.

Vintage Comic Annuals by Phil’s Comics.

Rivers of London by Stephen Jewell.

Peter Cannon Thunderbolt by Stephen Jewell.

Klaus and the Crying Snowman by Stephen Jewell.

Brian Michael Bendis Interview by Joel Meadows

40 years of Superman the Movie by Sean Egan.

Superman For The Man Who Has Everything by Stephen Jewell.

Deaths Head by Chris Hallam.

Lucca Comics and Games, Fight Club, Aquaman, Into the Spider-verse by Joel Meadows.

24 Panels by Stephen Jewell.

Hellstorm by Luke Williams.

Indie Comics – 25 Best Indie Comics of 2018, Lorenzo Etherington, Comichaus.

Pat Mills Starting in Comics Today.

ComicScene Volume 2, Issue 1

64 pages

Remembering Ron Smith by Chris Hallam.

Deja Who? By Mr Jimer.

Where’s My Collection of The Tomorrow People by John Freeman.

The last Son of Krypton by Tim Hayes.

Oliver by Stephen Jewell.

Whackoman! By Marc Jackson.

Striker by John Freeman.

Roy of the Rovers by Barrie Tomlinson.

Mike Western by Ian Wheeler.

Billy’s Boots in Dutch by Richard Sheaf.

Roy of the Rovers Monthly by Richard Bruton.

Comic Free Gifts by Phil’s Comics.

Zygons by Jim Wilkins.

Batman in the 1930’s by Martin Dallard.

Marvel UK Part 1 by Peter Gouldson.

Shazam to Deadly Class! Captain Marvel, Umbrella Academy by Joel Meadows.

Marshal Law by Luke Williams.

10 essential ComicCons for 2019.

Indie Comics including These Savage Shores, Darwin, Friendo, Stone King, Nasty Girls, Lady Doctor, Rachael Ball Wolf, Terrible Means, 24 Panels, Death Sentence.

Pat Mills Life After Law.

ComicScene Volume 2, Issue 2

80 pages

Wales ComicCon by Leonard Sultana

Batman 1940’s by Martin Dallard.

Digby by Richard Sheaf.

Dan Dare Europe by David McDonald.

Wonder Comics by Stephen Jewell.

Captain Britain and Me by Richard Bruton.

Marvel UK Part 2 by Peter Gouldson.

Captain Britain by Thorpe & Davis by Peter Gouldson.

Gamechanger of the Funnies be Lew Stringer.

Whackoman! By Marc Jackson.

Captain Wonder by John Farrelly.

Zygons by Jim Wilkins.

Scene It Before by Alan Holloway and Ed Doyle.

Our Land by Fitch, Baker and Totti.

Batman Films, Hellboy, Shazam, Umbrella Academy and Doom Patrol by Joel Meadows.

Roy of the Rovers by Stephen Jewell.

Glory Glory by Richard Bruton.

Richard Piers Rayner by Stephen Jewell.

True Believers, Guantanamo Kid, Zero Jumper, Second Coming of Krent Able Revenant, Bljnker, Waking Life, Reel Love, Cryowulf, Freedom Bound, NPC Tea, High Priestess, A New Jerusalem.

Remembering Stars Fell On Stockbridge Steve Parkhouse by Ian Wheeler.

Could there be another 2000AD today? By Pat Mills.

ComicScene Volume 2, Issue 3

64 pages

Covering 70 Years of Ian Kennedy

Marvel U.K. Part 3 by Peter Gouldson.

Cor! By Martin Dallard.

Cor!!Buster Humour Special by Stephen Jewell.

Buster by David Crookes.

Cor!!Buster Back at Last by Lew Stringer.

Keith Richardson Part One by Richard Bruton.

Frankie Stein by Irmantas Povilaika.

Writing for the 13th Doctor Jody Houser by Ian Wheeler.

Our Land

Batman in the 1950s by Martin Dallard.

War of the Realms by Stephen Jewell.

Portsmouth ComicCon, Game of Thrones, Avengers Endgame, Roy Thomas by Joel Meadows.

Whackoman! By Marc Jackson.

Indie Comics by Alex Thomas including Space Captain, The Theory, Cognition, Harsh Prospect, Death Inc., Edelman Chronicles, Petrichor, Beastlands, Little Girls, Fair Spark Books, Gun:Slaughterball

Pat Mills 8 to 14 Age Group Comics.

Bite Me The Comic by Arlene Russo.

ComicScene Volume 2 Issue 4 is out 23rd May and the full contents can be found here.

During the year we also printed FanScene Book One by David Hathaway Price (David now prints his own series).

We are reprinting the perfect compliment to ComicScene. Crikey! Collected Volumes 1 & 2 are out now with 3 & 4 available to pre order and out later in the year. Contents of latest volume here

The AKA 2000AD Tapes from the early 1980s was reprinted, interviewing Dave Gibbons, Kevin O’Neill, Brian Bolland and Mick McMahon.

The 320 page great Big ComicScene Annual 2019, which featured Simon Furman and Geoff Seniors ‘To The Death’ Prequel, which is now a publication in its own right and a new ten part comic series also available at – Check out the FREE 16 page supplement in ComicScene Issue 4 for more details, a preview of the new comic and free poster!

During the summer months we will not only have features but comic strips too. Watch out for our summer specials.

A complete guide to how you can get your ComicScene back issues and each and every month is available here.

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