2000AD Sci Fi Special Cover Reveal

Don’t miss coverage of the 2000AD Sci Fi Special in ComicScene Issue 4, out 23rd May. The 48 page tribute to Carlos Ezquerra has a Mick McMahon cover, revealed today by 2000AD. The Sci Fi Special is due out 19th June.

In the issue Alan Grant and Robin Smith tackle perps in ‘Night at the Museum’, Guy Adams and Dave Kendall reveal an untold story of Romanian Vampire soldiers in ‘Fiends of the Eastern Front’ and Wulf Sternhammer comes to terms with life in the future ‘Valhalla’ by Michael Carroll and Patrick Goddard.

Programmed to root out corruption at the highest level Android cop Spector was a new series John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra were working on when Ezquerra died. The first two chapters are presented here.

The whole issue is wrapped up with a Cliff Robinson poster. Don’t miss it.

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