Buzzard on Kickstarter


cover close upBuzzard! follows 16 years old orphan martial artist Erik Lincoln on his mad journey from goon for hire to World’s first ever super-assassin.¬†

It’s on kickstarter now here.

Cruising through London, where wondrous wealth and derelict slums lie side by side, the fun-loving rebel smacks fools to pay his bills and provide for his little sister Mattie. Until one night a junkie assassin named Kal steps on his toes and ends up becoming his mentor. Predictably unreliable, Kal fails to brief his pupil properly about a job, and the debacle costs Erik his arms. Lucky for him, two zany scientists were just waiting for an opportunity to test their shiny and very illegal bio-mech implants.

This pulp action comedy is set in the everyday World and has real-world stakes. During these weird, troubled, dog-eat-dog times one question remains: what really is important?

Rooted in British culture and soon to expand through international adventures, witness the planet’s gobsmacked reaction to the appearance of an enhanced human. A triumph of training and technology at the service of the age-old art of butchering your neighbour.

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