Nicola Streeten on ComicScene Podcast

img_4964In the latest ComicScene Podcast episode, broadcast to coincide with the launch of the Dundee branch of Laydeez Do Comics (, Phillip Vaughan interviews Nicola Streeten. Nicola is an anthropologist-turned-illustrator and comics scholar. She is the author of Billy, Me & You (Myriad, 2011), an acclaimed graphic memoir about her bereavement following the death of her two-year old son. It was initially serialised in Liquorice Magazine, a comic Nicola produced with her daughter, and it received Highly Commended in the Popular Medicine category of the 2012 British Medical Association Medical Book Awards. Nicola is also co-editor with Cath Tate of The Inking Woman, published by Myriad in March 2018.

You can listen to the Podcast here

You can also catch the Podcast on Spotify and iTunes

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