Comic Shop News Monthly Issue 1

Every month we will be bringing you the ComicScene Magazine Top 10 titles to order from your favourite Comic Shop or from – add these titles to your standing order/ pull list / order by 14th June for release in July/August. 

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Out in July/August – Spawn 300. Created by Todd MacFarlane and first published by Image Comics in May 1992. This has now matched Dave Sim’s run on Cerebus as the longest running independent comic in history. Wow! It tells the story of a Al Simmons, a former black ops assassin, who somehow returns to earth after being sent to hell after his death. Intrigued. Issue 300 has 10 (count them!) different covers from all the artists contributing  to this landmark issue. A perfect jumping on point for new readers.


New from writer Kieron Gillen and his first Boom! Series is Once and Future. A Monster Hunter and her museum curator Grandson in a mystical adventure as English nationalists seek to resurrect a force from Arthurian legend. A BIG mistake! Magic, history and the supernatural this adventure has it all with art by Dan Mora.


American Mythology celebrates 100 years of Zorro in a ‘Century of Swashbuckling’. There is a limited edition Alex Toth cover too!   Star of film, TV, radio and comics Zorro, champion of the oppressed in Spanish California, first appeared in 1919 in the ‘The Curse of Capistrano’. Lots of lovely comic art in this collection, from A to Z!


Fresh from her solo movie and Endgame success is Captain Marvel in IDW’s Marvel Action All Ages Line Up. We love a comic that opens up a whole new world for young readers and this is it! Alien Cats overrun New York City. Meow! Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman risk nine lives to avoid being Cat-Women as they take on these vicious felines in this brand new title.


Not to be caught cat napping (and the feline theme) Warren Ellis brings you a team with one job – to save the human race from the human race. And it’s going to kill them! From the pages of the Wild Storm and art by Ramon Villalobos this brand new DC Comics series seems like a Mission:Impossible. There are rogue specialists, alien soldiers, mad astronauts all run by Tech Moguls and a disguised alien king. How much characterisation can you fit in 32 pages? Get put of the kitty litter and find out!


The second all new outing for The Vigilant from Simon Furman and Simon Coleby should be on sale at your local newsagent as well as your favourite comic shop! From Rebellion, the publishers of 2000AD, this title plunders the history of British comics. The new Dr Sin and his team of ragtag heroes battle Nazi genius Van Hoffman and his search for artifacts that will kick off Armageddon. The stakes have never been higher as reality begins to unravel amidst personal conflicts.


As well as new stories Rebellion are remastering and reprinting classic stories from their newly acquired back catalogue of British strips. The Steel Commando takes orders from only one person – Ernie Bates, the laziest soldier in the British Army. This glitch in his programming is frustrating for the scientists who intended him to be a thorn in the side of the Axis of Evil but provides us with a lost classic of comics. Don’t miss 160 pages of this Rebellion Digest from writer Frank Pepper and artists Alex Henderson and Vince Wernham.


If you catch our continuing 80 Years of Batman series in ComicScene Issue 5 you will  read about the pioneering work of Neil Adams in the 1970’s. Well, he’s back with a new six part series from DC Comics against his arch enemy Ra’s Al Ghul. Written and drawn by Adams this is accompanied this month by a facsimile edition of Batman 232 in which Ra’s first appeared in the story by Dennis O’Neil entitled ‘Daughter of the Demon’. And if you love Batman action, spinning out of the pages of ‘The Batman Who Laughs’ (which has a surprise 7th issue this month) is a new monthly series for Batman and Superman who have to learn to trust each other before facing what could be their greatest foe! Whew, to the Bat-cave!


Celebrate good times, come on! Marvel is 80 this years and they celebrate with an 80 page comic book with all new work on every page from legendary Marvel alumni. The list is huge. The names are starry. There are so many variant covers spanning every decade you are going to need a bigger Bullpen! ‘Nuff said…


You may have enjoyed the recent series of three new 21st century graphic novels (and three novels) of Melchester Rovers finest footballer Roy Race but this seasoned pro has been around since the 1950’s. Rebellion are plundering the archives and hot on the heels of the 1950’s collection is Roy of the Rovers: The Best of the 60’s. The long hard road to Wembley, the league, European campaigns, foreign tours and a little thing called the World Cup are all included here – and as this features strips from 1966 maybe it was a good year? This series of classic strips is all bound in a cover as hard as the boots and leather footballs they played with in the good ol’ days. It’s a collectors item!

And finally…just outside the Top 10 do t forget the Deadpool Annual and Superman Year One Issue 2 from Frank Miller and John Romita Jnr.

You can get the comics and books featured in your local comic shop, newsagent or from, where you can also order your regular ComicScene Magazine.

More Indie and Small Press comic previews and reviews can be found in our State of Independents Section in the magazine.

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