Commando Comics announce return of Warlord


It’s not every day we get sent an interesting package through the doors of Comicsflix Towers – but this week we got this little lot!

Warlord is to return to the pages of Commando Comic, the first story featuring Britain’s top secret agent Lord Peter Flint.  He will be the first in a series of characters from the archive to be brought out of retirement by DC Thomson’s Heritage Comics.  Who else?  Well, that’s top secret….for now….

Iain McLaughlin will write the story, art by Manuel Benet and covers by Ian Kennedy.   Commando Issues 5255 “Codename Warlord” and 5263 ‘Codename Warlord: Ship of Fools” are out 22nd August and 19th September.

You can see and hear more about the project from Commando Editor Gordon Tait here.

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