New Commando titles

001_CML_080819_5253.pdfBrand new issues 5251-5254 are out soon! With Brandenburger raids on British soil, ‘Flying Eggs’ of the Luftwaffe, tennis court battles in Kohima, and a matter of life or death in bomb disposal!

001_CML_080819_5251.pdf5251: Home of Heroes: Radar Raiders

A German raid on the Isle of Wight… the British government thought they could cover it up, maintained that no jackboots ever set foot on British soil – but they were wrong. Imagine their shame when they found out that not only was the sleepy island raided by elite Brandenburgers, but it was with the help of British Soldiers!
| Story | Russell Sheath | Art | Khato | Cover | Keith Burns |


5252: Gold Collection: Komet!

The Messerschmitt Me 136 Komet was a formidable aircraft, a fast and agile rocket-powered interceptor. The Allies’ aircraft could barely catch what the German’s called ‘Flying Eggs’. But the Jerries hadn’t reckoned on an attack on their jet’s secret base coming from the ground!
| Story | RA Montague | Art | DS Gomez | Cover | Ian Kennedy |
Originally Commando No. 714 (1973).

5253: Action and Adventure: Killer Cook

Bert Baker praised himself as a good cook, but when he was given some mega-hot chillies, he thought he’d spice up his sergeant’s meal, much to the sergeant’s dismay! And things were about to get even hotter in Kohima as the Japanese forces engaged the Allied soldiers in what would become a stalemate on the Battle of the Tennis Court!
| Story | Richard Davis | Art | Jaume Forns | Cover | Neil Roberts|

5254: Silver Collection: One Wrong Move…

Two bomb disposal soldiers; one British, one German — each saving lives from the explosive menaces. You’d never think the two of them would ever meet, but CG Walker’s hand of fate intervenes and soon these two men find themselves needing each other’s expertise to save everyone in the radius!
| Story | CG Walker | Art | CT Rigby | Cover | Ian Kennedy |
Originally Commando No. 2911 (1995).

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