Who will be on the Batman cover?

In a recent article Pat Mills suggested getting your artwork in ComicScene was a good way to get your talent noticed. That got us thinking – wouldn’t it be great to offer an artist the chance to produce our forthcoming Batman/Joker Covers on issues 7 & 8.

Readers responded to the competition and we have had some fabulous entries – but who will be the eventual winner? We are trying to keep it under wraps for as long as we can – not even the winner will know until the magazine appears!

We’ve been sharing some designs on our social media channels and below is a gallery of potential winners. Who do you think should be chosen?

1 – James Gray

A strong contender with a movie feel we loved James clean lines and powerful interpretation of Batman and the Joker.

2 – Damian Edwardson

Brooding. Dark. Damian has given us two faces that would inspire fear as they come out of the shadows. These would make great prints for your wall. Would they make it to the cover?

3 – Paul Draper

A stylised Batman, this was one of the most unique interpretations of the Dark Knight. True art from Paul and we loved it.

4 – Luke Haynes

Luke produced a set of covers with a modern edge and a retro feel all at the same time. No mean feat for a magazine that tries to capture both in 64 pages.

5 – Adam Bagley

You can feel the fun Joker is having in Adams interpretation of the two characters. Is Batman feeling it too? The balloons really add to the crazy feel of this piece.

6 – Ade Hughes

The cape comes alive around Batman in this Ade Hughes piece as Joker gazes into the face of Death. Strong interpretation of Batman ready to put an end to the Joker’s deadly plan.

7 – Jon Mitchell

Electrifying, dynamic, explosive – Jon has thrown everything but the kitchen sink into this piece. Some nice use of colour and shade that is not overbearing too, despite the action being depicted.

8 – Marc D Lewis

Inspired in part by cosplayers and capturing an older, tired and weary Batman this is truly an inspired piece from Marc which pulls you into the mind of Batman, wondering what is he thinking? A lovely character drawing.

9 – Ian Beadle

Classic Batman. A classic look. Wouldn’t look out of place as a panel in the pages of a DC Comic. A gritty, raw Batman on the edge of the Jokers insanity. Ian has produced a great piece of work.

Find out the winner on 22nd August in newsagent and comic shops or pre order your copy at http://www.getmycomics.com/ComicScene

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