Pre – order Comic Zine Issue 1

The team from ComicScene have produced a one off A5 zine, harking back to the fanzines of the 70’s & 80’s, to celebrate the Day of Dredd on 7th September. It has been produced in association with the Facebook group 1977-2000AD. You can order the zine now at for only £3 plus postage.

Publisher Tony Foster explains, “When Day of Dredd was announced our issues of ComicScene Magazine were already planned, including a 2000AD Issue in October, but we wanted to mark the event in some way. We were playing around with Comic Zine at the time, a fanzine concept capturing the punk ethos of self publishing, and we thought it might make a nice 100% unofficial collectors item to tie it in with the Day of Dredd.”

Behind a cover by Ed Doyle, that captures the spirit of Prog 500, there are 40 pages of interviews with Dredd co-creator John Wagner, Tharg editor Steve MacManus, John Higgins, Ian Gibson and further information on the 2000AD Facebook group 1977-2000AD and the new 2000AD inspired ’77 project next year.

The cover is based on the cover of Prog 500. It features characters who originally appeared on that cover and some new ones! Interior art includes work from Charlie Gillespie and Lyndon Webb.

You can pre order the zine now and if ordered by end of August it is due to be with you on or around the Day of Dredd on 7th September. It is only available by post and in print from

Now is also a good idea to subscribe to ComicScene too. Not only will the subscription price save you over £16 a year (at only £4.60 an issue delivered to your door) they have articles on 2000AD coming up including

In the current issue they took a look at the Harlem Heroes,

In the September issue an exclusive chapter from ex Tharg Steve MacManus new book,

In October a 2000AD Special including a huge interview with former 2000AD editor and comic writer Andy Diggle,

Scott Ian from Anthrax and Kirk Hammett from Metallica on their interest in 2000AD and comic books,

the serialisation of Rok of the Reds from Dredd co creator John Wagner, Alan Grant and Dan Cornwell

Pat Mills Space Warp – the new 2000AD

Plus a timeline of 2000AD and a look at fan inspired magazines like Zarjaz and Sector 13

Order ComicZine and ComicScene at

Original Prog 500 cover

ComicZine Cover

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