Rok of the Reds coming to ComicScene

Great news!

Rok of the Reds by John Wagner, Alan Grant and Dan Cornwell is coming to ComicScene Magazine.

It will be serialised in the magazine from November, a month after they launch their Kickstarter for Book Two!

It will be joined by Lady Flintlock Book 2 and a third strip to be announced shortly.

The Magazine will also feature 16 extra pages and a free pull out ‘all ages’ comic featuring Megatomic Battle Rabbit, Gallant and Amos, Whackoman! and more to be announced.

ComicScene readers are encouraged to read the comic and pull it out for their nephews, nieces, kids, grand kids, great grand kids or leave in their local library, community centre, coffee shop, school, Doctor, dentist or hairdresser to help encourage comic reading!

A perfect time to subscribe – copies are £5.99 in shops and £4.60 delivered direct to your door via a 12 month subscription at

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