The Sheerglam Conspiracy by Steve (Tharg) MacManus

The first chapter of Steve MacManus, ex Tharg editor of 2000AD, new book ‘The Sheerglam Conspiracy’ is to exclusively appear in ComicScene magazine Issue 8 before publication date. Here is the cover by Jim Stewart. The plot will certainly appeal to comic fans!

London, 1973. For forty years, rival publishers Goodenough Publications and Tartan Editions have been the beating heart of British comics. But pulses are raised and blood begins to boil when a sudden death by defenestration sparks a bitter circulation war, with each proprietor plotting the downfall of the other, igniting a sequence of events that lead inexorably to a murderous and blazing climax!

The Preview of the Sheerglam Conspiracy is part of a number of 2000AD articles I ComicScene over the next few months.

Steve is also interviewed about his time on 2000AD in our first issue of ComicZine which you can pre order at

Steve also gave us his ‘Perfect Comic’ in this site last year. Read it again here.

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