Join the Legion of Comic Fans – Help launch and share “all ages” comic

From November ComicScene will launch Corker!, an ‘all ages’ comic, as a pull out supplement in the magazine and we are looking to the ‘Legion of Comic Fans’ to support and spread the word!

Details of the initial line up in the comics is below.

ComicScene want you to help encourage reading, particularly in young people, by ripping the comic supplement out of the middle of the magazine and read it for your own pleasure or give it to your niece, nephew, kids, grand kids, great grand kids or leave in a community centre, library, soft play centre, coffee shop, hairdresser, dentist or Doctors surgery.

Help create the excitement of the launch of Eagle and Dan Dare almost 70 years ago. We want you, as the Legion of Comic Fans, to band together and help create;

The next generation of comic readers.

The next generation of comic creators.

ComicScene magazine will continue to highlight the best in retro comics, new comics, indie comics and comic book movies and culture.

As well as spreading the word we’d love you to help ‘kickstart’ the project too!

For the price of a cup of coffee your investment will ensure the comics success plus help us fund new material in the future! You can support the project from buying a £1.50 digital back Issue of ComicScene to a full subscription.

The magazine will be going from 64 pages to 80 pages a month – with your help!

Check out and invest in the future of the fastest growing magazine about comics in the U.K. and Ireland today!

There are a number of options for you

From £1.50

For digital back issues

From £2.50 – full price £30

For each digital issue with a 12 month subscription


For a new digital issue

From £3

For print back issues

£4.60 each – full price £55.20 12 issues

For each print/digital issue with a 12 month subscription

£4.99 each – full price £29.94 6 issues

For each print/digital issue with a 6 month subscription


Cost of ComicScene in stores or online (P&P charges may apply) (full details of how to get ComicScene in shops here. ) We are available in selected WHSmith, McColls, Easons (Ireland), Comic Shops and some independent newsagents. You can order at ANY newsagent or comic shop – just ask!

You can also show your support by purchasing

ComicZine £3 (+ P&P)


Crikey! collected from £10


Appearing in Corker! our all ages comic will be some top comics including;

MegaAtomic Battle Rabbit by Stu Perrins and Israel Huretas

When a mysterious blue light illuminates the skies of a small English town, science fiction fan Dexter and reluctant pal Henry embark on a torch lit adventure in the search of little green men.  However, as they soon discover, not all alien life is as cute and gentle than ET would have you believe.

Gallant and Amos by Rob Barnes

‘Gallant and Amos’ is a comic about two guys travelling around a medieval world and stumbling into crazy adventures and events. Oh! and did we mention one is a Knight and the other a Dragon?

Whackoman! by Marc Jackson

Superhero fun in one perfect page will be joined by our ComicScene regulars Alan Holloway and Ed Doyle ‘Scene It Before’ and Jim Wilkins ‘Deja Who’!

Slash Moron by Bambos Georgiou, James Hansen and John Burns

From the team being the Wallace and Gromit comic strips comes a slapstick space opera spoof for all ages

And that’s not all. Inside ComicScene magazine we have strips including;

Captain Cosmic Book 2 by Andy W Clift

The Cosmic’s are BACK for a brand new silver aged inspired, galactic adventure. If you’re new to this series, then let me tell you what this is all about. The Adventures of Captain Cosmic is a silver age inspired, space adventure series. The series follows the exploits of Captain Cosmic & Kid Cosmic, a father/daughter superhero team that defend the galaxy from space age super villains and galactic evil doers!

All communication has been cut off from Devron VII, a remote colony on the very edge of Commonwealth space. No one knows what has happened to the inhabitant. The galactic guardians known as Captain Cosmic and Kid Cosmic have been dispatched to investigate. What they find not only is their most dangerous mission, but possibly the most dangerous to the galaxy! What has happened to the people of Devron VII? Will the Cosmics be able to save the day and the galaxy?! Find out in DANGER OF DEVRON VII!! 

Lady Flintlock Book 2 by Steve Tanner, Anthony Summey and Bolt 01

Return to the 18th Century, with the second book in the unique Flintlock anthology series!

Rok of the Reds by Judge Dredd co-creator John Wagner, Alan Grant and Dan Cornwell 

Welcome to the world’s first Alien Footballer

ROK of Arkady, an alien shape-changer on the run from dangerous assassins, seeks refuge in the far reaches of the galaxy, alighting on a small and insignificant planet – EARTH.

To conceal his presence ROK adopts the identity of the first person he encounters – bad boy footballer KYLE DIXON – and as Dixon he develops an unexpected but all-consuming love for ‘the beautiful game’.

Can ROK steer lowly RADFORD REDS to an unlikely Cup win – or will the assassins find him and bring his footballing career to a shuddering end?

Don’t miss an issue and be part of the Legion of Comic Fans – subscribe at

Don’t forget during the summer we have a half price back Issue Sale – and an opportunity to pick up Book 1 of both Captain Cosmic, Lady Flintlock and the fabulous Milford Green.

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