Confessions of a Comic Magazine Publisher – 99 days to Christmas

Inspired, in part, by the book ‘Confessions of a Book Seller’ by Shaun Bythell and the recent revamp of the ComicScene Podcast ( ) I’ve decided to ‘fess all about producing the monthly ‘ComicScene’ and the news stories we pick up along the way.

I can’t promise it will be anywhere near as laugh out loud as Sean’s book, insightful about the craft of comic book making as Phillip Vaughn on the Podcast or as in-depth about comic news as John Freeman’s fantastic ‘DownTheTubes’ website but it may devlop it’s own following as I explore the perilous world of magazine publishing. Or I may think it’s a really bad idea and give it up next week!

Yesterday the team at the Beano reminded us it’s 100 days to Christmas, with this image of Dennis in his Gnasher Christmas Jumper! Thanks for that wee reminder DC Thomson. It’s those little social media touches that the Beano does so well that keeps those weekly comic sales going up. ComicScene would love to emulate those fantastic subscription sales announced a few weeks ago (they now sell 24,000 copies via subscription to 14,000 on newsstands across the U.K. – you can subscribe at )

Today we heard from our new account executive, Bethan at InterMedia, that sales of the current issue (the Batman Issue) of ComicScene are up 7% from the previous issue. It’s always good news to hear sales aren’t declining and it is a balance trying to encourage people to purchase the magazine so we remain listed at WHSmith (where we pick up ‘casual’ readers) and getting more subscribers, who then may stop buying their copy in store. I can’t imagine we will ever make Beano figures but I hope whatever way you choose to get your copy we can pick up more readers with each issue. If we continue to do so I may even buy a new Christmas jumper myself by 25th December.

99 days to go…

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