Batman Day – 21st September

Thanks to John Charles for this great Batman/joker pic.

This week DC celebrate 80 years of the Batman on 21st September. Expect the Bat Signal to light up over the skies of London, which is pretty cool.

Just by chance the Joker features on the front cover of the new ComicScene out 19th September. I wished I’d planned it, but only found out about #batmanday this week! It was more to tie in with the Joker Movie, released early October. Reviews seem very positive about the movie and this recent Imax poster only heightened my anticipation for a film I felt a bit ‘meh’ about until recently.

Joel Meadows writes about the Joker Movie for us. We approached Joel to write about movies thanks to his years publishing Tripwire. Joel is also doing a lecture at the Society of Illustrators on his Masters of Comic books in October. More details here

Our cover is by Jon Mitchell. He won the chance to feature his Batman and Joker artwork on the front cover of issues 7 and 8 as well as £150 in prize money. When his work came into us it was a unanimous hit and here are the covers before and after we go our grubby hands on them for publication! All the entries were of a high standard and some of them feature in the latest issue.

Rounding off our Batman coverage in Issue 8 is Richard Bruton on Batman Adventures and Martin Dallard on the 30th anniversary of Tim Burtons Batman, with Michael Keaton as Batman and Jack Nicholson as the Joker! I remember watching the movie in the summer of 1989 and the start of my professional working life, no doubt wasting my first pay packet on various Prince remixes, Bat Watches and Bat comics including the excellent Batman Movie Comic Adaptation by Dennis O’Neil and Jerry Ordway. In my humble opinion very few comic adaptations of movies have ever bettered this.

All this is a culmination of a year of Bat Antics in ComicScene, celebrating Batman decade by decade. Editorially we may have to squeeze 21st century Bat coverage into 2020 but you can catch up with the series in the ComicScene Half Price Summer Sale! Pick up back issues in print and digital at

Batman in the 1930s

Batman in the 1940’s

Batman in the 1950s

Batman in the 1960s

Batman in the 1970s

Batman in the 80’s and 90’s Issue 7 & 8

John Freeman has a great article on all the Batman celebrations on DownTheTubes and DC Comics list all their events here

Batman’s cultural significance cannot be underestimated and his appeal to kids endures today. As I make these news stories a little more personal I was impressed my 13 year old son was drawing this for homework earlier this week. Not quite ready for DC comics yet but who knows?

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