ComicScene Magazine Review: Once & Future

I’m a sucker for an Arthurian Legend story, having collected Mike W Barr and Brian Bolland’s ‘Camelot 3000’ in the 1980’s, which is why ‘Once & Future’ peaked my interest. It’s the first out of the block, with a Frank Miller tale due shortly after. I will probably pick that one up too, but Once & Future seems to have been incredibly popular so grab a copy while you still can.

This is also my first Boom! Studios comic. A first Issue written by Kieron Gillen, Illustrated by Dan Mora and coloured by Tamra Bonvillain.

It begins with a murder, which is a shame, because I got attached to the character of Alan James from the first page. However, where magic is concerned, who knows what may happen!

There are plenty of other interesting characters, captured so well in the writing and illustration. Academic Duncan McGuire and his Gran provide an interesting and feisty double act who face enough drama and intrigue to pull you in and make you want more by the end of the Issue. It’s a timely tale set in and against the backdrop we face in Britain today and one I’m likely to follow to the end. But before I do – who dares me to change the channel to Bake Off?

Tony Foster

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