ComicScene Magazine Review: Rok the God

The Rok The God kickstarter launches 2nd October (read all about it in the latest ComicScene) but prior to that the team of Wagner, Grant, Cornwell, Bulmer and Campbell have released Chapter 1 of the forthcoming 120 page graphic novel in comic book form. Better still you can transfer £4 off the book with a special voucher when it comes out in Summer 2020.

Roy of the Rovers this ain’t.

Who’d have thought aliens and football would pitch so well amidst clean, crisp humour filled artwork from Dan Cornwell and an amusing narrative from John Wagner, the master of black humour. It’s a family affair, in more ways than one, and great to see this surprise hit from a few years ago making a welcome return in this sequel. I love it – and you will too!

Of course we at ComicScene are slightly biased as, by the power of VAR, the first series of Rok of the Reds will start in the magazine from November, entertaining a new audience of comic fans on the terraces of WHSmiths, McColls and Easons (you can subscribe in print or digital at ). That will keep you going until the summer when Rok returns in all his World Cup glory! So don’t sit on the bench and accept other substitutes and get a bit of Rok and Roll today (yeah, I know, if I keepy uppy any more football terminology it will be a red card and a sending off!)

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