ComicScene Magazine Review: To The Death 1-4

Okay – full disclosure.

ComicScene published the prequel to ‘To The Death’ – Forged by Fire – in the 330 Page Great Big ComicScene Annual 2019 (you can read it for free on the Comichaus App) and promoted the title in a free 16 page supplement in Issue 4 of ComicScene.

You can buy the comics on the same sales platform as ComicScene –

ComicScene shared a table with To The Death at a few ComicCons.

ComicScene kinda missed Transformers, Deaths Head, Dragons Claws and the rabid fan base of Simon Furman and Geoff Senior that has been built over the years! This comic may have fallen off our radar because of that – which would have been a shame.

So this review may be a little bias!

We are four issues in to the ten part series ‘To The Death’ by Simon Furman and Geoff Senior, from FBF Productions. This is indie publishing U.K. style in a US prestige format – bypassing the kickstarter format and going straight for the jugular with a series of ComicCon launches, comic Shop signings, comic shop sales and direct subscription opportunities.

All we can say the courage of their conviction has paid dividends from two great comic creators at the top of their game.

Despite not having an editor to reign in the excesses of creators let rip this is a tight series. An adult Hunger Games with a Terminator style colourful expansive action and explosions this title is full on, hardly coming up for air.

Political machinations, rebellious clandestine cabals, Shakespearean disloyalty, cult of celebrity and virtual gaming are all explored in a future world which frighteningly doesn’t seem as far away as when the original Bladerunner came out to the new reality we see today.

If you haven’t discovered the world of Aleksy, Lena and Leo Dryagin, Deacon Snow (great name) and Veni, Vidi and Vici (I kid you not!) then you are missing out on one of the most exciting comic books of the year! Get it at any comic shop and enjoy the ride. Catch up with the first four issues today!

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