Comics – the Autumn Season!

This autumn is shaping up to be great for U.K. comics.

The second Ramsey’s Raiders has just been announced by Commando Comics, fresh on second issues for Braddock and Warlord Peter Flint.

Don’t forget this is also the time for Christmas Specials and Annuals. The Beano, Dandy, Beano/Dandy, The Brooons and the Beano Christmas Special are all out now in newsagents and bookshops. Another big seller will be the Viz Annual – which has snow on top of the logo which we love!

Titan have just released their latest release of Dan Dare Adventures from the original Eagle. Largely in black and white the story is by David Hotton and Keith Watson.

Not quite a comix but with a few comic strips Doctor Who Magazine celebrates 40 years of publication. Watch out for an article on that in ComicScene.

Other space adventures just announced from the DC Thomson Heritage Line is a 40th anniversary celebration of Starblazer! Fans have been hoping to see something celebrating this fan favourite for some time. Due in November you can pre order on their site here.

A slight print increase for 2000AD doesn’t seem to be putting you off thrill power after a well received jumping on prog (watch out for fan magazines too like Zarjaz, Sector 13 and a kickstarter for the new 77).

Let’s not forget the Beano hit its landmark Issue 4000 recently and the Phoenix Issue 400. You can also buy the Phoenix books this autumn here.

Mid October sees the Scream Issue of the Thirteenth Floor and the Treasury of British Comics releases Dr Mesmer’s Revenge on 3rd October. Also from Rebellion before the end of the year another Misty Special, more weird and wonderful work from Ken Reid and the second season of Roy of the Rovers! On the subject of Roy don’t forget you can pick up a 65th Anniversary Magazine about Roy Race in newsagents now – look for it around the footy mags.

Comic fans will enjoy the new books from Steve MacManus – the Sheerglam Conspiracy and Julia Round’s Gothic Girls on Misty and British Comics. Both are on Amazon. FanScene 4 is out – and it’s free online only. You may also enjoy Crikey! Collected Vol 3 and 4. Collecting back issues of Crikey from over ten years ago there is also new material never before seen in print. Both are available here.

Some great kickstarters have just completed successful runs for Steve Tanner Flintlock Book 4, Monty Nero Death Sentence Issue 4, Killtopia Volume 2, Fair Sparks new all ages comic the Spark, Andy W Clift Captain Cosmic Book 3. New kickstarters Defend Milford Green and Rok The God have both kicked off and well worth your galactic groats!

Also continuing is Simon Furman and Geoff Seniors ‘To The Death’. A ten part series this is now half way through its run and available at

Of course we are interested in Flintlock, Fair Spark books, Captain Cosmic, Milford Green and Rok of the Reds as, along with Pat Mills new story ‘Ragtime Soldier’ in the Dundee War Comics, all are being brought to newsagents across the U.K., Ireland, Australia and New Zealand by ComicScene Magazine. Our next issue is out 24th October and it’s a great jumping on point. Go to our website for individual issues in print or digital, subscriptions or back issues.

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