12 new comics from Rebellion for 2020

Rebellion have announced 12 new comic titles for 2020 – full details can be found here.

In March ‘Action’ is back and if ordered through the 2000AD website you get a copy of the banned issue of 70’s Action bagged with the title.

In April the Cor and Buster Easter Special follows the launch of the title last year. Want to know more about both titles – get this back issue of ComicScene Issue 3 in digital or in print here.

In May we have Smash with home grown superheroes including the infamous Steel Claw.

in June, to tie in with Euro 2020, we have Roy Of The Rovers. You can read more about classic and new Roy in back issues of ComicScene here. The 65 Years Special from Rebellion is still available in shops now.

The 2000AD Sci Fi Special, celebrating 20 years of the comic at Rebellion. Over the next two issues of ComicScene we have a number of articles on 2000AD and Judge Dredd. Don’t miss them.

In July the second Tammy and Jinty Special returns and in August it’s the return of Battle. If you love war stories don’t miss the latest issue of ComicScene which includes a free 32 page comic including the new story ‘Ragtime Soldier’ by Pat Mills, which he is calling a worthy successor to Battles Charley’s War.

There are even more titles to devour, including two featuring Misty, which we cover in an exclusive feature from Julia Rounds new book on the comic in issue 10 of ComicScene.

We are very excited about all 12 titles from Rebellion next year and will certainly be taking advantage of their money off offer on their website. Time to stand by for Action!

One comment

  1. 20 new titles? That just lists 12 specials. With no sign of The Vigilant. So are they finished with them? Taking a break from them? Or is more frequent series possible?


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