ComicScene Awards 2019 – the final nominations. It’s time to vote for your favourite!

Here are the final nominations for the ComicScene Awards 2019.  Thanks to everyone who submitted nominations.  In most cases there are a choice of 3 but in some categories there are slightly more or slightly less based on nominations received. 

E mail your preferred winner in each category by giving the category number and letter of your choice to – you don’t have to vote in all categories if you do not wish to do so. Feel free to share and keep campaigning for votes. It’s all very close and all to play for.

Voting closes midnight 23rd November.  Winners will be announced in ComicScene Issue 11 out 19th December 2019 (order here..) Good luck to all those who have been nominated.

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1) Comic Shop UK and Ireland

a) Comic Den Oldham

b) Orbital

c) Gosh

d) Forbidden Planet Wolverhampton

e) Forbidden Planet Liverpool

f) Worlds Apart Birmingham

2) Bookshop for Graphic Novels

a) Waterstones Dudley

b) Waterstones Wolverhampton

c) Foyles Charing Cross Rd

d) Travelling Man Newcastle

e) Page 45

3) Best Library

a) Oldbury Library

b) Dundee Libraries

c) Renfrewshire Libraries

4) Best Comic Con or event

a) Oldham Comic Con

b) Lawless

c) Enniskillen Comic Con

d) Lakes International Comic Art Festival

5) Best Cosplayer

a) Stefan Dean

b) Michael Chandler

c) possumQueenCosplay

6) Best Movie / TV Show

a) Umbrella Academy

b) The Boys

c) Avengers Endgame

d) Captain Marvel

7) Best Comic Movie Actor/Actress

a) Joaquin Phoenix

b) Brie Larson

c) Tom Holland

d) Mark Hamill

8) Best Comic Merchandise

a) Batman Who Laughs Figure

b) Funko Pops

c) Carlos Ezquerra Lawgiver

9) Best new Comic/Graphic Novel UK

a) Power Punch Boot Camp

b) Nasty Girls

c) Hilda & The Mountain King

10) Best new comic/graphic novel US/World

a) Batman Damned

b) Are You Listening by Tillie Walden

c) Batman Who Laughs

11) Best classic reprint UK

a) Ramsey’s Raiders

b) MACH One Bk 2

c) Leopard from Lime St Bk 2

12) Best Classic reprint US/World

a) The Killing Joke

b) All Star Superman Black Label

c) DC The New Frontier Black Label

13) Best Manga

a) My Hero Academia

b) One Punch Man

c) Dragon Ball Super

14) Best Crowdfunding Campaign

a) Killtopia 2

b) Rok the God

c) Lorenzo Etherington How To Think When You Draw

d) Frenemies

15) Best Indie/Small Press Comic

a) Killing Moon (Pig Dog Press) Chris Denton & Bhuna

b) Tower In The Sea by B Mure

c) CYDO John Tucker

d) Combat Colin by Lew Stringer

e) Edge of Extinction by Baden James Mellonie and Paul Peart Smith

f) MegaAtomic Battle Rabbit by Stu Perrins and Israel Huertas

g) Brawler by Time Bomb Comics

16) Best Comic Media

a) 1977-2000 Facebook Page

b) DownTheTubes website

c) That Comic Smell Podcast

d) Starburst Magazine

e) Awesome Comics Podcast

(Thanks for the ComicScene nominations – we’ve ruled ourselves out of this one!)

17) Best Web Comic

a) Penned-Guin by Alan Henderson

b) Sarararara by Olivia Hicks

c) Aces Weekly

18) Best Comic Character UK and Ireland

a) Judge Dredd

b) Megatomic Battle Rabbit

c) Slaine

d) Captain Cosmic

e) Roy of the Rovers

19) Best Comic Character US/World

a) Superman

b) Batman

c) Spiderman

20 Best Comic Writer

a) Brian Azzarello

b) Al Ewing

c) Tom King

21) Best Comic Artist

a) Henry Flint

b) Greg Capullo

c) Kristyna Baczynski

22) Best Comic Colourist

a) Leonardo Manco

b) Lee Bermejo

c) Elizabeth Brietweiser

23) Best Comic Letterer

a) Jim Campbell

b) Rob Jones

c) Annie Parkhouse

24) Best New Comic Creator To Watch

a) Lucy Sullivan

b) Dan Cornwell

c) Zoe Thorogood

d) Matt Garvey

25) Best Comic Publisher UK & Ireland

a) Rebellion

b) Self Made Hero

c) Avery Hill

26) Best Comic Publisher US / World

a) Image

b) DC

c) Nobrow

d) Boom Studios

27 ) Most Memorable Comic Moment

a) Death of Hershey (2000AD)

b) Batman Nude (Batman Damned)

c) Batman Wedding

d) Moore & O’Neill Last series of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

28) Looking Forward to in 2020

a) Immortal Hulk

b) Batman (Movie)

c) Trigan Empire

29) Best Comic Fan

a) Colin Noble

b) Tony Esmond

c) Reuben Wilmmott

30) Comic Creator Lifetime Achievement

a) Cam Kennedy

b) Brian Bolland

c) Alan Moore

d) John Wagner

e) Alan Davis

f) Alan Grant

g) Pat Mills

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