Orbital Comics offers Comic Toolbox for your weekly comics

Popular London comic ship Orbital have taken the brave step to stop stocking weekly comics and are encouraging customers to move over to an Orbital Comics Toolbox online service. Read more here.

This simply means you can pre order and pay for your comics and collect them in store. This ensures the shop doesn’t have to speculate on what comics to stock in advance (saving money in unsold stock) and avoid having an unpaid pull list, helping to maintain the financial stability of the shop. The system has been available for the last five years and you can also order ComicScene Magazine through it.

Anyone can use this system and if you don’t have a comic shop then use http://www.getmycomics.com – you then get your issues delivered to your door. Again you can order ComicScene Magazine through the system, with plans for the magazine to advise on what comics, graphic novels and indie comics you should consider buying from the beginning of 2020.

We believe Orbital are planning to play to their strengths including back issues, indie and book titles and exhibitions. With superhero comic titles dropping and books, Manga and children graphic novels on the increase this may be an opportune moment to adapt to changing trends in the market (read more in ComicScene 10).

Orbital are teasing a major change for February 2020. We can’t wait to see what is planned. Watch this space.

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