Corker! Cover Issue 2 Reveal

Corker! Issue 2, the all ages comic available free inside ComicScene Magazine, will be out 19th December. Here is an exclusive reveal of the cover. Issue 1 is still available in the current issue of ComicScene Issue 10. The aim of the magazine is for ‘grown ups’ to share the comic to sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, grandchildren or in libraries, schools or public places. It’s a great way for the legion of comic fans to encourage the next generation of comic readers and creators – and with no plastic toys great for the environment too.

The main magazine also has ‘grown up’ strips including Rok of the Reds, Lady Flintlock and Captain Cosmic alongside the usual ComicScene features.

Get it in store at selected WHSmith, McColls, Martins, Easons or comic shops. You can order it at any newsagent or comic shop. It’s also available in Australia, Chapters/Indigo in Canada, Barnes and Noble in USA and print/digital at

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