The votes are in…

Who cares about the General Election or who will lift the Strictly Glitter Ball? There are only one set of Awards worth talking about and they are announced tomorrow (12 December) – The ComicScene Awards!

You put forward the nominations. You voted for your favourites. From 12th December all will be revealed.

It’s been a pleasure to see who you put forward and your eventual winners. It shows an eclectic and creative industry that is vibrant and worth celebrating and well done to everyone who took part, from those who voted to those who take home a trophy and become inducted to the ComicScene Academy Award Winners (and whose votes next year are worth 5 votes each!).

Who knows, next year we might even get a celebratory dinner and TV show out of it!

We are taking pre orders for ComicScene Issue 11 in print and digital. The digital issue of ComicScene with all the winners and runners up will be released one week before the print issue on 12th December. All print subscribers will get their free digital copy a week early too! Order at

If they choose to do so winners can be identified on their social media, websites and publications by two ComicScene Award logos – one in silver as a runner up and one in gold. All the winners are listed in ComicScene Issue 11 out 19th December in shops.

So keep your eyes open on 12th December for tears, celebration speeches and popping of champagne bottles and well done in advance to everyone who won.

Celebrating comics – a great end to 2019!

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