ComicScene – one year on newsstands!

It’s been a year!

A year since ComicScene hit the newsstands of the U.K. and Ireland on 22nd December 2018 in shops such as WHSmith, Martins/McColls and Easons.

12 issues later we are still here. You can see the whole story and other comic news on our website at

We even won a couple of awards, which was nice!

It was the year we moved to selling our print and digital copies online to GetMyComics – where you can also buy your favourite monthly US and U.K. comics

We published a few other titles too – the Annual, ComicZine and four collected volumes of comic book history with Crikey! Collected.

It was also the year we launched our Podcast at – and appeared as a guest on a couple of other Podcasts.

We not only talked about classic and new comics – but got the work of several creators out to a wider audience. Even launching a pull out comic for kids – it’s a Corker!

That work is also now seen worldwide with ComicScene now sold in Australia, Canada and the USA. If you are interested in advertising in the magazine find out more at

We launched the ComicScene Awards (the winners announced in the current issue) and are currently putting a Directory of comic creators together. We hope to share that with libraries/schools for workshops and to promote commissions and selling of art for creators too. More details how to get involved in that here

In 2020 we launch ComicScene+ – a extra digital surprise for readers covering all aspects of the comic industry we simply can’t fit in the magazine.

Now we are not going to lie – it’s hard work doing all this and publishing a magazine! So if you like what we are doing please support us by subscribing in print or digital at

Of course we realise these are tough times for many so if all you can do is even download our current issue 11 for only £2.99 that would be appreciated. It’s available now from

We’ve set ourselves the quite ridiculous challenge to get 25,000 downloads of Issue 11 from the Legion of Comic Fans.

For every 1000 downloads we will donate £500 to the Little Heroes Charity who provide comic kits for kids in hospital. If we reach our target that will be £12,500 to the Charity in total!

We will also give 50p from every additional product purchased in our online ComicScene shop from now until 29th February 2020.

That way your helping the future of the magazine, our support for comic creators, promoting comic reading and giving much needed funds to a great charity.

All for only £2.99.

Buy at – thanks.

And please do share the challenge to others over Christmas and New Year to help us get to our (so ridiculous will never happen in a million years) target by 29th February!)

We hope you can help and thanks for all your support of ComicScene Magazine during the last year. It’s very much appreciated.

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