Blimey! It’s the end…

Our last post of the year and it’s to mark the end of Lew Stringer’s Blimey! blog.

Or rather a new beginning.

Blimey! isn’t being hatched, matched and dispatched. It’s not being merged with another blog! It will stand as a useful resource, as it has been for many years, for comic fans, academics and historians. I hope it will feature as part of any future comic museum, largely because the work of scanning covers from your own collection and writing about comics you love deserves to be celebrated. Meantime you can enjoy over 3000 well researched posts.

Immerse yourself in the site now at

Lew isn’t going away! He’s concentrating on his career. He will continue to talk about that at – again, a useful resource for people interested in the business of creating comics.

On his final blog Lew mentions his intention to write for ComicScene, which is great news for our readers. Blimey! was one of the early inspirations for what the magazine could cover and we are pleased that Lew will continue to scratch the urge to write about comics from time to time with us.

So all there is to say is thanks to Lew for the fantastic Blimey! blog and we wish him (and all his and our readers) a great 2020 and Happy New Year!

Read Lew’s last blog and recommendations here

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